Geoffrey Burgon


Geoffrey Burgon at 15 years of age

This is a photo of Geoffrey at Pewley Grammar School, he is third from the left. At this time, Geoffrey was being introduced to Jazz by Nigel Jones, listening to records and learning the tunes. Nigel needed a trumpet player for his jazz band and this is when Geoffrey became the trumpet player. We don’t […]

Geoffrey Burgon Dance – Bob Cohan’s 90th Celebration

I attended Bob Cohan’s 90th Celebration at The Place last Friday, March 27th. The man who has been described as ‘the forefather of British contemporary dance’ was a member of Martha Graham’s company for more than ten years, and taught at the Martha Graham School in New York. When, in 1967, he became the Artistic […]

Science Subjects for Research Papers

She was sixteen when she met with a seafarer plus fine Romeo, who’s older than she was a decade. They turned fans and fell in-love. Couple of years later, she discovered that she had AIDS in its early-stage and Romeo died from the illness herself. Romeo died after two months. She existed to be fiftyfive […]

Geoffrey Burgon 1995 – Waiting

In 1995 Geoffrey wrote these nine easy piano pieces Waiting while he was waiting for his wife to get ready.  A special space in time known to many men.  The kitchen had an old upright piano and it was here that he used his time wisely to create these playful works. The drawing of him on the […]

The Composers of DOCTOR WHO – Geoffrey Burgon

The Composers of DOCTOR WHO – Geoffrey Burgon Christopher Morley continues his look back at the many composers who have produced music for Doctor Who. This week it’s Geoffrey Burgon… Geoffrey Burgon contributed only two scores to Doctor Who- 1975’s Terror Of The Zygons & the following year’s The Seeds Of Doom- but the sheer […]

In Memory of Sept. 21st, 2010

Geoffrey recording at Lansdown Studio’s with his favourite engineer, Paul Golding. They did many recordings there together. Thinking of Geoffrey on this day and thankful for his astounding contribution to the world of music.

Celebrating Geoffrey Burgon’s 73rd Birthday today July 15th.

To honour Geoffrey Burgon’s 73rd Birthday we are posting this superb performance by the Wellensian Consort of his ” But Have Been Found Again”, a choral work inspired by the text of St. John of the Cross. Conducted by Christopher Finch at St. John’s Smith Square, July 2011. This was part of a Celebratory Concert […]

The Wanderer (1998) Soloist: Clarinet Orchestration: Clarinet; srt4tet

This work was commissioned by Pembroke College, Cambridge to celebrate the 600th anniversary of’ their foundation. It was first performed at St. John’s Smith Square, London on the 18th of March 1998 by Emma Johnson and the Vanbrugh Quartet.My idea in writing this piece was to depict a journey. The title comes from a poem […]

Yorke Dance Project review – dance past, present and future

Looking back at 20th-century modernist art, one is struck by the certainty it embodies. The writing of Eliot, the music of Ives and Stravinsky, the sculpture of Moore, the painting of Rothko. Even at its most experimental it has mass and authority; it is never tentative. Modernist choreography shares these attributes. Considering works such as […]