Goldberg’s Dream

Geoffrey wrote Goldberg’s Dreams for Bob Cohan’s London Contemporary Dance Theatre in 1975. Geoffrey woke up from a dream where he heard Bach’s Goldberg Variations being played in the other room. He had been studying Jung and experimenting with his art combining dreams with reality. It was after this dream that he began this work.
It has a playfulness about it and the humor is in the fact that Bach wrote Goldberg Variations for the Russian ambassador to the electoral court of Saxony, Count Kaiserling, who often stopped in Leipzig and brought there with him the aforementioned Goldberg, in order to have him given musical instruction by Bach. The Count was often ill and had sleepless nights. At such times, Goldberg, who lived in his house, had to spend the night in an antechamber, so as to play for him during his insomnia. …This is one of my favorite dance works by Geoffrey and we found it in the archive on an old cassette.

So here from the dream state of Mr. Burgon, please enjoy Goldberg’s Dream.